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Spark Igniters initiate and maintain efficient combustion. For aircraft applications igniters start the jet engines, ensure continuous running during critical stages such as takeoff and  passing through storms. Industrial igniters for gas turbines , industrial furnaces and other plant equipment which relies on combustion are less critical, but last for extended periods as opposed to aircraft which have frequent but short duty cycles.

Internal testing at aerospace igniter manufacturer AEVA has shown that industrial igniters wear out typically after 35,000 sparks or 300 30 second cycles. AEVA’s aerospace igniters were shown to last for 1,600 30 second cycles or almost 90,000 sparks. AEVA has found a way to offer the same aerospace longevity at a price competitive with typical industrial igniters. Industrial gas turbine and burner operators can now benefit from significant savings in replacement cost and the associated labor and down time associated with igniter replacement by switching to AEVA igniters. Contact USA distributor for details.